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Visual Effects

CG/VFX Concept Development and Animation Services
VFX has been the core business since it was first established in 1994. The company has completed VFX service work on over 300 feature films, TV series and commercials, establishing itself as one of the most creative and reliable studios in Asia. With a world class team of artists and animators, whose resumes include credits from Disney to ILM, on high profile projects like: Skyfall, Interstellar and Guardians of the Galaxy, VA Studio invites you to experience the amazement on your next project.

Feature Film and TV Series

With over 20 years of experience in the Korean VFX industry, VA Studio is expanding its business area to film and TV series production. Taking a further step, VA Studio is working on various films and looking for other creative stories adaptable for multiple media platforms. Also preparing to write and produce original contents, VA Studio is going to create global contents in our own unique style and meet our goal: being a trend leader and a culture creator.

Virtual Production

Keeping up with the latest trend in the VFX industry, VA Studio is dedicating award-winning team of creatives and technology experts to Virtual Production service. Starting from demonstration work in September 2018, VA Studio has built 3 virtual studios and went through a series of test shooting for pipeline development. Previsualization and shooting demonstration are available with real-time camera tracking and compositing. Also, VA Studio is adopting it to animation productions for stable environment and efficiency than traditional animation making. Our up-to-date technology including real-time motion (performance) capture, facial capture and custom retargeting is the best solution to diverse kinds of high-quality new media contents.